Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pantry Challenge 2013! Update

One of the toughest parts of the Pantry Challenge so far is the distinct lack of cold cereal!  My kids are pretty used to oatmeal but once in a while, on the cold cereal mornings, they are tired of Chex!  And that's all we have for a good long while.  Oh well.  =)

I only started the Pantry Challenge 2013 about a week ago so there isn't much of a change in the pantry yet, but I did a closer up picture last week so you can see in more detail what I look at every day.
 I am realizing I have huge amounts of peanut butter, green beans, and tomato sauce.  I have 4 packages of egg noodles I won't use without beef for stroganoff.  I have an abundance of coconut extract.  On the floor of the pantry I have big bins for various bulk items.  I decided to try and measure how much of those I was using, too, since those are some of what desperately needs to be used.  Like 3 bins of bread flour!

I taped a green stripe on each bucket to mark the level of contents as the Pantry Challenge 2013 started.  In a couple more weeks I'll add a red line to show how levels have dropped.  The marked bins include regular white flour front and center.  You can see there's not much.  The green-lined semi-circle starting on the left includes bread flour, oatmeal, whole wheat flour (square), red beans (square), white sugar, and 9-grain cereal (that I mix with oatmeal).  In the back right corner are two more bins of bread flour and two more bins of oatmeal that I didn't bother marking with the green stripe.   

I'm hoping to make big progress on both the oatmeal and bread flour so I can have some bins back for other things.


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