Thursday, January 17, 2013

Target Clearance

Hi Readers!

You might already know that Target has a huge clearance in almost every department during January.  This usually starts the first week or two of January with many things 30% off and some 50% off.  The next week things are further marked to down in the 30, 50, and 70% range. 

Today the toy clearance is marked down to 70% at most Targets!

I've been visiting several targets keeping an eye on things, but mostly I've been watching this great Target website.  The gal writing the blog is local, too! 

 I can't actually shop today (double drat!) because one of our cars is in the shop and DH has the working one.  But if any of you go I'd love to hear about your deals!

There is clearance all over the store so check those endcaps in home decor, kitchen, stationary, clothing, shoes, hosiery, and baby while your checking out the toys!

Here are some deals I got last week:

The playdough was only 30% off.  3 specialty tubs were $2.08 and the accessory gadget was $3.84.
The little hat is a gift for a 4th baby/3rd son - it was only $3.00.
The plastic box of tools was 50% off and cost $9.98.  I love this!  I wish I knew more kids heading off to college that I could give it to.
Finally, the Disney Princess tracing fashion was 50% off costing $7.48.  This will be DD#3's "big gift" at her birthday this spring.

Did you know the non-math trick to see the percentage off?  On the upper right corner of the red clearance tag it will say 10, 30, 50, or 70. 


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