Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping - $64.79

Our milk this week was $11.16 and I spent $40.87 at Fred Meyer.

I really debated buying all that ground beef, but we haven't had ground beef for six months at least and DH really loves it.  I just can't stand to spend a ton on meat.  I always aim for $2.00 or less per pound and this was $2.10.  After so long of not finding it marked down I bought 12 pounds.  I started out with two 3# rolls and settled on a third after standing there debating with myself.  I'm supposed to be doing a pantry/freezer challenge like I do every January so technically I shouldn't be adding to the freezer.  By the time I finished my shopping I went back for a 4th roll rationalizing that I hadn't "officially" started the challenge yet (ie. posted about it on the blog) and it was really the best price I'd seen in Months!

3# rolls of ground beef - $6.29 each on clearance
Kikkoman soy sauce - $2.29 on clearance
Sour cream - $1.00
2# bricks of Tillamook cheese - $4.99 with store coupon
Cookie Mix - $1.49 on clearance (it has mint chocolate chips which are hard to find and easily cost $2, even on sale).  I thought it was a good deal.
Baking cups - $.89 on clearance (not included in grocery total)

I visited Target late in the week to pick up a small cup of sour cream I needed for a meal I was delivering.  I ended up getting all this for $6.76:

The sour cream was $1.14
Instant potatoes - $.83 each box
Bakers white chocolate - $1.48
Progresso soup - $.62 each on clearance
Pizza - FREE with coupon I got at checkout last time I went to Target.

Then I spent $8 at the dollar store on syrup, pepperoni, and vanilla extract.

Total spent on food this week = $64.79
Total spent on food  in 2013 = $170.04 (and $30 stashed for summer produce bulk buying)

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