Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Update

So I did poorly on my goals in December.  I didn't want to stress over Christmas and my non-stress plan is usually to intentionally step back from the 'extras' so I don't beat myself up for failing. 

My first goal was to spend $50/week on groceries so I could cover Christmas costs more effectively.  Did I meet this goal?  Heck no!  There were way too many good deals on baking ingredients, a dinner party, and a meat & cheese tray for another event.  I don't know how much I DID spend, but it was way more than $50/week.

My second goal was to save 1% toward our savings goal.  Ha!  The good news is that we didn't have to take anything out of savings!  Seriously, though.  I put $12 in the savings account.

Goal #3 was to pay for 2 airline tickets .  Check!

Goal #4 was to finish the office organization.  A big Nope.  Two boxes are left and are still sitting there. 

Finally, I wanted to keep a thankful list but I didn't manage that either.  Certainly there were many things to be thankful but I didn't write anything down.

For January my goals are simple.
1. Save something to add to our emergency fund
2. Have 2 solid weeks of homeschool for the kids, planned in advance and well-executed.
3. At least 10 days of Project Twenty Six.  I just need to wrap that up and 10 days is a good dent in what's left.
4. Finish the office organization.


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