Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Shopping

We were on vacation the first week on January, but were staying with family and didn't have to eat out all the time.  I took along a cooler of food and did a little grocery shopping to supplement so I could make dinner most nights.

I spent $15.85 that first day, then $8.39 later in the week.  I went one last time the morning we left to replenish my in-laws' butter, bananas, & lunchmeat that we had depleted.  I spent $16.83 on those things and a couple other clearance deals (holiday creamer and marshmallows) to bring home.

Total spent the week were gone: $41.07

This week our milk delivery was $11.16 and I paid $5 for 3 dozen eggs from my friend's free-range chickens.  I spent $5.41 when I dashed into Fred Meyer for lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and olives for a salad I was making and then $40.61 yesterday on all this:

Cucumber - $.79
Apples - $.88/lb
Onions - $1.99 for 5 lb bag (needed for meal swap)
Cheese - $4.99 each 2 lb brick
Banana - $.64/lb
ID Creamer - $1.79 each
Mocha Mix - $1.49
Corn - $1.68 each for 2 lb bags (needed for meal swap)
Carrots - $.99 for 2 lb bag
Sausage - $1.49 each for 1 lb chubs (too good a deal to skip)

This week I spent $62.18.

I also put $10 cash away last week and this week for summer produce bulk purchases.


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