Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowman Hot Cocoa Craft

We had a party at Christmastime hosting 4 other families.  I wanted to have a fun craft for the kids and landed on this:

First I asked on Facebook for baby food jars and my cousin supplied all I needed.  I cut out felt 'donut' circles to fit the jar lid and felt strips to make the hat band.   Next I picked up craft paint and painted faces and buttons.

DD#2 was pretty vigorous in her blow drying so some of it ran, but hey it's a kid's craft so I wasn't too worried about it.

I filled the cocoa jars, but we let the kids fill the peppermint candy and the marshmallows jars.  One of the babysitters hot glued the jars together and glued the felt pieces into place.  Each kiddo got to choose a ribbon of their choice for a scarf and got to take home a cute snowman. 

You have to know how much of a non-crafty person I am.  Have you ever seen me post about a craft that I made before?  This was a huge accomplishment for me and that's why I'm sharing.

Here's DD#2 blow drying as I frantically decorate more jars in the background.  She is deceptively still as DD#1 takes her picture. 


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