Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Planning for Hawaii

Food is really expensive in Hawaii.  There is a Costco with somewhat reasonable prices, but in general food costs can be prohibitive.  My family  travels quite a bit and we try to take food on trips as a rule so we can save on dining costs.

This trip the little ladies and I are staying at my parents' condo with my mom and aunt.  I need to think about food for us and food to leave at home for DH.  

My folks travel a ton so they can check many heavy bags for free.  Mom is planning to bring a box of dry food and a cooler of frozen solid meat.  She can bring liquid items in that box so I need to ask her to pack anything I can't carry on myself, for example pancake syrup.

She is heading over about 10 days before I arrive with the girls so I have to get my act together well before we leave.

My task for today is to make a list of meals that is heavy on food we can bring or food I can affordably buy in Hawaii.  Then I need to ask Mom to bring the liquid items.

Breakfast Ideas:
Pink Heart Pancakes for Valentine's Day - pancake mix in ziploc, syrup, food coloring
Oatmeal - a week's worth in a ziploc, brown sugar, raisins
Cold Cereal - pack a box

Lunch Ideas:
PBJ - pack peanut butter, jam if mom can find a plastic bottle

Dinner Ideas:
Pasta & Red Sauce - pack pasta, frozen ground beef, onion, spices
Biscuits & Gravy - biscuit mix in ziploc, frozen sausage, veg. oil
Taco Soup - premade frozen in a ziploc
Soft Tacos - frozen ground beef, taco seasoning
Salads - salad dressing, toppings (nuts, seeds)
Macaronada - pack pasta, frozen garlic

Costco List:
Tortilla Chips
Shredded Cheese
Bread (Always Ridiculous in Hawaii!)
Chicken Nuggets
Feta Cheese (for salad & macaronada)

I'm sure my mom & aunt will have ideas and bring food, too.  It looks like I only need to ask mom to pack vegetable oil, salad dressing, syrup, peanut butter, & jelly.  Sweet! 


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