Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 26 - $160.45

Yikes - it was a big week.

Monday night I went to Fred Meyer because we needed cream for DH's coffee.  They had lots of stuff on sale this week so I had a pretty big trip, spending $50.24 on food items.  Cereal was 3/$5, coffee $5.99, clearance red pears, apples, & zucchini.  DD#4 had been asking for oranges so I bought a few, not thinking about their weight and that they were about $1.00 each!  I also got lunchmeat, potatoes, tomatoes, 1# sausage for soup on the menu, and GF granola for the kids to put in yogurt.

I was at the store again Tuesday to use my $10/$50 purchase coupon at County Market.  I somehow missed taking phot, though I distinctly remember laying out the groceries.  I spent $40.33 including 13 cans of olives for $0.80/ea after discount, about 14 pounds of chicken breast for $1.59/lb after discount, over 5# grapes that were $1.04/lb after discount, and a package of polish sausage.

I went to Fred Meyer again on Wednesday for more lunchmeat.  It was only $2.50/lb last week and on Monday they were nearly out.  I also picked up organic cucumbers which had also been out of stock Monday.  I also got mayo, clearance apples & nectarines, hamburger buns & more cream.  When I checked my receipt I realized I'd only been charged for conventional cucumbers so I went to the customer service desk to pay the additional $0.30/ea.  After the extra $1.20, I spent $24.88 on food.

Finally, I had a quick run to Safeway while we worked on the rental property over the weekend.  I bought some markdown deli turkey, a box of GF cordogs, tater tots, and a lean cuisine microwave meal on clearance for myself.  I also found some great markdown beef.  I don't actually have it with me as I tossed it in the freezer at the rental, but it was round steak and it was on sale for $3.99/lb BEFORE 30% off clearance, so I paid just $2.79/lb.  The receipt says "BF TP Round London" so nicer (I think) than standard stew beef.  I spent $31.53.

I also had milk delivery for $13.47 (my last one - *sniff*)

Week 26 Groceries: $160.45
Year-to-date 2015: $2,480.38
Weekly Average: $95.40


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