Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Shopping Week 25 - $43.88

Yay!  A small week!

I went to QFC for milk, ice cream, and onions on Wednesday.  I found some clearance yogurt and the onions were on clearance, too.  Score!  I spent $16.24.

I went to QFC again Sunday because we were out of milk (lots of cold cereal these days) and our fruit selection was really slim.  I spent $27.64 on organic milk, organic lettuce, organic tomatoes, clearance neufchatel cheese for $0.49 each, clearance turkey sausage for $2,00 each, clearance pepperoni for $0.79, clearance hummus for $1.99, chips and bananas.

No eggs of milk delivery this week.

Week 25 Total: $43.88
Year-to-date 2015 Total: $2,319.93
Weekly Average: $92.80


Next week will be bigger.  I'm bulk buying rapberries (I think) and will be stocking up on creamer.

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