Sunday, June 21, 2015

Daily Project Post - Scrapbook Paper & Plastic Bin

Saturday I spent a little time organizing my scrapbooking paper.  My motivation was to empty a 12"x12"x 3" plastic box that I was sure one of my girls' facepainting supplies would fit in.  This seems like a small task, but all my scrapbooking supplies are tightly packed into easily transportable bags that are tightly packed into my closet.

These two bags hold something like 2,000 sheets of paper.  I had to empty out a small box of paper and file its contents with like paper.  It was about 200 sheets of 30 different shades.

I was very happy that the face painting kit (and accessories) DID fit into the box.

Who cares that it says 'Scrapbook,' right?

Now this can get stowed in her bedroom with all her other bins of crafty activities instead of hanging out on this bookshelf that I'm hoping to turn into the folded-laundry shelf.

So, getting this silly box emptied was really the first step in the new plan for laundry organization.  Hopefully I'll keep moving on that project soon!


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