Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Daily Project Post - Food Prep

Yesterday was all sorts of insanity with 5 doctor appointments, 2 babysitters, and a mommy-daughter date.  Thank goodness our piano lesson postponed!

I was pretty exhausted by the time I was home for the day just before 5PM, but I got a second wind after the kids were in bed and I did a bunch of food prep.

Tomatoes & Carrots shared with me from my friend who gleans.  Cut up the tomatoes to freeze for soup later this week and cut carrots for stew tonight.

Divided up a 3# chub of ground turkey.  It was just too awkward packing it into a very full freezer.

Package of beef that needed to be cut up for stew tonight.

A pound of cubed beef for stew & 4 oz for a morning treat of steak & eggs.

Chicken was still in the fridge from Saturday purchase.  We used it for one dinner, but the rest needed to be put into the freezer.  Now it's nicely portioned.

Technically this isn't a big project, but I was so tired it was all I was going to manage.


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