Thursday, June 18, 2015

Daily Project Post - Organic Strawberry Jam

Yesterday I finally got busy and made jam.

I had purchased 5# of organic berries last weekend and most of a pound was eaten earlier this week when someone didn't know I was saving them for jam.  So I ended up with about 4.3 pounds.

I washed and hulled the berries.

I put a single layer of the berries in the bottom of the flat-bottomed pan to mash them with a potato masher, dumped the mush into another bowl and mashed two more single layers of berries.

Here's all the berries, mashed.

I started warming them and stirred in two boxes of pectin.  When I had a rolling boil, I added 5 cups of organic sugar.

After I had a hard boil for two minutes (can't stir the boil away), I ladled the jam into freshly sanitized jars and added freshly sanitized new lids and old rings.

I loaded up my big canning pot.  For most fruit a pressure canner is not necessary.  A big pot the covers the jars entirely will suffice.  For veggies, definitely use a pressure canner.

I boiled the jars for about 20 minutes.  Since I wasn't making another batch I let the jars cool quite a bit right in the water.  There's nothing worse than pulling jars out of hot water and having them crack because of the temperature change.

They cooled to room temperature on the counter and I labeled & dated the lids.

I look at this and think it's so few jars!  I'll have to make lots of other jams so I can have other varieties to give as Christmas gifts.


p.s. Goal today is to rearrange playroom to have a spot for folded laundry.  I get so tired of the laundry mess!

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