Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Daily Project Post - More Rental Property Stuff

Tuesday started well.  I got up, had some time with God, and got busy on more rental property business.  I texted a contractor friend, looked at two contractor estimates, sent 3 emails to the realtor, another email to the property manager, talked to my contractor friend, emailed some measurements to a contractor friend, then had to stop because a friend dropped her kids off to be babysat.

I've been helping a friend with childcare while her regular sitter is unavailable.  It was supposed to be one morning a week, but it's ended up significantly more and it turns out the regular sitter IS available.

Anyway, the rest of the day was shot with babysitting and the kids' therapy.  I wasn't free to make calls until after 5:00 so no more rental business happened and while I could have done a small project, I still had to make dinner for my own family and I was exhausted from only 5 hours of sleep and having 3 extra kids for the bulk of the day.   I checked my voicemail after it was back to just my kids and had a call from a family member I've been expecting since Monday. He had to delay his trip again, and that was discouraging as I'm really counting on his help for our own basement project and getting the rental property on the market for sale.  I also didn't have "Mommy's Quiet Time" in the afternoon with the extra kids so I was in bed by 8:30 last night.

I'm hoping to accomplish a project today, Wednesday.  We'll see - my friend is dropping her sweet kiddos off again this morning.


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