Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daily Project Post - Lingering Boxes & Rental Stuff

Hooray!  I got a ton of stuff done on Wednesday.

After a tearful conversation with DH, he recommended I try and cancel the babysitting yesterday.  My friend graciously agreed so I got busy!

I got the laundry mostly caught up and my kitchen all squared away after it had been neglected a couple of days (other than dishes).  It's amazing how quickly random stuff accumulated on the counters!

I also did this small project that's been waiting for me in the family room.  These boxes have been sitting in the way and looking messy for about a month!  It started when I was gathering garage sale stuff and just didn't get put all the way away.

The puppet box got tucked back into its corner and the boxes of junk got stowed in the garage until I can make a thrift store dropoff.  So it wasn't really fixing a problem - more of moving a mess - but my house sure feels cleaner!

I also got this project started.  I'm regularly stashing recipes in a binder I keep in my kitchen cupboard.  The papers have gotten out of control and there's no order to it.  DD#1 helped by sorting out the recipes by category: dinners, salads, desserts, beverages, side dishes, breads, breakfasts.  I'm hoping to get them hole-punched and reassembled today for my Thursday project.

Finally, yesterday I also got lots done related to the rental property.  I made some calls about a gas stove insert, exchanged a couple emails with the painter we'd like to use, talked to the realtor and the property manager, and found out the tenants are taking us up on our offer to vacate a little early for a pro-rated rent refund.  Yahoo!

So today will be really busy at home, too, as I try and prepare for my own house to be neglected for a couple of weeks as I shift my attention to getting this other property.  I'm hoping to wash all the sheets and mop the floors.  I also am making a bunch of calls/sending emails related to starting work sooner, if possible.  We'll see what I manage before I run out of energy.  =)


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