Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 24 - $202.14

Wow - it was a big week!

I had a quick run to the store Monday morning after being out of town for a few days.  We needed a little fruit and DH was nearly out of creamer.  I spent $13.16 at Fred Meyer.

We made a trip to Safeway Wednesday for more grapes.  The girls were loving them and Safeway had the best price this week.  We also got corn on the cob to go with our burgers and I found deli turkey at 50% off.  I spent $16.57.

We went berry picking at Bolles Organic Berry Farm Thursday morning.  We picked 20# in 45 minutes!  The girls did great and only complained the second half about not eating berries.  They were $2.50/lb and we paid $49.88.

Friday a friend brought over a bunch of gleaning items - no photo.

As if that weren't enough food, I went to the store again on Saturday.  I wanted to use my $10/$50 coupon at County Market.  I had frozen all of our picked berries, but still wanted to make organic strawberry jam.  County Market had $3.50/lb and with the 20% savings the coupon provided, I was happy to pay $2.80/lb and I didn't have to pick them!  I also got some cereal, salsa, mangos, and 4 pounds of chicken breast ($1.99/lb and $1.59/lb with 20% off).  I paid $27.56 for the food.  My total was very close to $50 this week - $50.35 so the 20% off is very close, too.

I popped into Fred Meyer for milk and organic sugar and ended up having a huge trip.  I found organic ground turkey for $3.29/lb and bought 10 packages.  I have at least 30 pounds of ground meat in my freezer right now, but I just couldn't pass up organic meat for $3.29.  And I just found a recipe for meatloaf that calls for ground turkey and quinoa so I'll be using some soon.  I can't find my receipt for this trip, but my bank statement says $71.50 and that's about right when I add up the cost of all of this:
10# organic ground turkey - $32.90
Nancy's organic yogurt - $3.00 each
organic bread - $1.79 clearance
organic coconut oil - $4.99
creamer - $2.50 each
organic milk - $5.29
apples - $2.00 for 6 on clearance
organic sugar - $2.99?
clearance lettuce - $1.49
grapes $4ish
baby food - $0.39 each?

I also got milk delivery for $13.47 and eggs from my friend for $10.00.

Week 24 total: $202.14 (YIKES!)
Year to date 2015: $2276.05
Weekly Average: $94.84
***compared to $85.24 in 2013 and $71.95 in 2014


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