Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daily Project Post - Food Prep

Where have the daily project posts been?  At the rental property!  I can't post all about it now as I'm spending so much time there all my time home is just staying caught up on laundry and food.

Mostly I just handled food and budget stuff re. end of month and our budget to get the rental on the market in my home hours this week.

Here are food photos.  Portioning up for getting stuff frozen, getting it into easy to use portions, and even getting it to fit into the small inside freezer.

Freezing raspberries.  Whole, firm ones on the waxed paper cookie sheet & soft, discolored in a bucket for jam.

There are never enough raspberries!  I just love them and they disappear fast. 

Round steak cut into chunks and portioned into 3 oz (for steak & egg breakfasts), 8 oz & 16 oz for dinners.
Chicken into 1# packages and wedged into freezer.  You see 4 here but 4 more are tucked into other nooks and crannies.
So the rental is occupying a lot of my time and bigger projects are on hold for another week or so.


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