Friday, July 24, 2015

Daily Project Post - Burning Ribbons on the Elsa Wand

Does Elsa even have a wand?  I don't think so, but DD#3 got a really fun birthday gift of a glittering snowflake cape and wand and this week I came to the rescue of the wand.

Here you can see how the ribbons had started to fray.  One of them had frayed several inches.

First, I trimmed off all the frayed ends.

Then I held the ribbons over a burning wooden match, but didn't let the ribbon touch the flame.  The heat of the fire melted the ribbon ends together, preventing future fraying.

Good as new!  This is also a good trick for favorite hair ribbons, some decorations on fancy dresses, and where I learned the trick as a kid: ballet pointe shoes.


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