Sunday, July 5, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 27 - $325.96

 Ouch!  Yes, that does say $325.96.  It was a huge shopping week and I didn't make nearly the dent in my small credit card balance that I was hoping to in June.  I'll try again in July.

Monday we headed over the rental house.  DH asked me to bring food as there weren't a lot of options for snacks, etc.  So we stopped at Fred Meyer and got lots of stuff.  I took this photo of the grocery bags in the back of the car.  I bought chicken nuggets & strips, 2 tubs of cottage cheese, bananas, clearance oranges & apples, clearance dressing & 3 cans of clearance coffee.  I also got a frozen dinner for DH to take to work that day.  I spent $33.74 on food.

Later Monday I headed out to our favorite berry farm in Monroe.  The Bahnmillers had set aside 8 flats of raspberries for me and a few of my friends.  3 were for me - here are 4 of the 6 half flats in my fridge.  They were $66.00 for about 21 pounds.

I met those friends with raspberries in the Costco parking lot Monday evening and finally had a long-awaited Costco shopping trip.  I spent a whopping $129.65!  I did get a lot of stuff and as I took the photo I realized how much was organic: syrup, carrots, salsa, chips, canned tomatoes, feta, flour, peanut butter.  But a lot was conventional, too: watermelon, shredded cheese, string cheese and another feta.  The fruit leather is also not organic, but it's non-GMO which makes me feel a little better.

I popped into QFC for milk on Thursday morning.  They had cereal for $1.49 if you buy 6  of certain things.  so I got 4 cereal & two creamers which were also part of the deal.  I found some jack cheese on clearance for $2.99 that still needs to be shredded and frozen.  I spent $19.91.

I went to Fred Meyer Friday for some plants we needed for the rental and I skimmed the clearance groceries before checking out.  I'm glad I did!  I found round steak for $2.39/lb, a loaf of bread, a package of buns, pita (love!), and a 'natural' chicken I had an additional $1.40 off coupon for. I also grabbed some bananas and clearance apples.  I spent $19.91 which is strange as it's exactly what I spent the day before at QFC.  Weird.

At QFC earlier in the week I had gotten an $2.00/5 GM coupon as I was checking out so I wanted to go back for the $1.49 cereal deal and use the coupon.  I got the cereal for an average of $1.16/box and a bunch of organic yogurt for $0.49 each.  I also bought chips because I was feeling snacky.  I spent $14.30.

I stopped at a different Fred Meyer for more plants on Saturday morning and cruised the clearance aisles again.  I picked up a couple of pork roasts for $1.79/lb and some cream cheese.  I spent $19.22 after a $5.00 off coupon I got as a catalina from an earlier purchase.

Finally, I made it to County Market on Saturday to use my final $10/$50 coupon.  My total after coupons and before sales tax was $50.62 so I saved 20%.  Yay!  Here's a list because they were such good deals I want to share!  Not that I should take the time with all the other stuff I need to do, but Oh well!

Organic Milk - $5.99 (20%) = $4.80 each
Lawry's & Sweet Baby Rays - $1.00 each sale (20%) = $0.80 each
Pickles - $1.99 each and ($1.00/2) coupons (20%) = $1.19 each
Earth balance organic - $3.99 (20%) = $3.19
Tortellini - $0.99 clearance price (20%) = $0.79 each!

No milk delivery as I finally arranged to have it stopped.  *sniff* and no eggs from my friend.

Total week 27 - $325.96
Total year to date 2015 - $2,806.34
Weekly Average - $103.94

Oh - I went over $100 for my weekly average.  Boo.  The bulk buying really gets me.


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