Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Daily Project Post - A Top for Wire Basket Drawers

DH and I have been working on getting our garage all cleaned up and organized.

The rental finally went on the market Friday so Saturday we spent a big chunk of time working on our garage.  First, DH took a big load of junk to our city's recycling event.  It was scrap metal from the rental's old fireplace, our old hot water heater, the old dented trash can, and old screens from the rental property.  There was also 'bulky garbage' including a bathroom cabinet with mirrors.  The recycle event also accepted some hardened concrete (half-bag used for a project and the rest hardened), and some dead electronics inlcuding a coffeemaker, a boom box, 2 small fans, and a VCR. They also took some big styrofoam pieces.  It was so nice to get it all out of the garage!

It was especially nice to have the utility trailer out of the garage and have all that space!  We also have our mission style dining table/chairs that have been in the garage for 5+ years now.  It is way past time to get rid of those, so we're hoping to do that this weekend.  I loved that dining set, but after this many years of using the formal dining room as an office I just don't think we'll ever bring it back inside.

One of my garage projects was putting a top on a little set of Ikea wire drawers.  This would allow me to stack stuff on top of the drawers - in particular, the tub where I toss the packing materials until I can recycle them.

Here's the drawer frame, ready for me apply the screws.

This tool is awesome!  It's just a small drill, but super handy as it makes those 'small jobs' go significantly faster.

Here you can see the screwed down brackets - it took about 30 seconds.

And the drawers now have a top!  So I can put my big bin on top instead of taking up more floor space in the garage.  Those boxes behind and to the right are garage sale/consignment/give away stuff.  To the left are the beginning of the long row of canning jars/shelves and 3 folding tables stacked in front of them.

So a quickie project, but one that's been waiting for LITERAL YEARS as that top has been waiting in the same closet since the day we moved into this house (ahem, 2007, ahem).

I will choose to say Whoo-hoo! instead of being ashamed of myself for taking so long.  ;)

Love, Katie

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