Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $108.52 and 7 shopping trips!

I had a remarkably large amount of individual trips to the grocery store this week.  It's pretty crazy really, considering the very busy week I had.  I suppose the busyness allowed for more "quick stops" than usual.

First, we were blessed by my friend, Erin, with a whole pile of food this week.  She and her family are moving to Canada and she had lots in her pantry to share.  I am so thankful that she thought of me and I'm looking forward to trying a few new things!  A ton of bread flour, conventional flour, coconut oil, sesame oil, evaporated milk, a can of pumpkin the girls were very excited about, fun baking decorating stuff, and a pile of candy are just a few of the great items we received!

I ran out for lettuce on Tuesday night.  I needed it for a meal I was delivering on Wednesday morning.  I was pleased to find a bag of lettuce on clearance but didn't expect to spend $18.09!
$2.69 - organic milk on clearance
$1.00 - Annie's mac 'n cheese on sale
$1.79 - bag of salad on clearance
$0.49 - 16 oz cottage cheese on clearance
$0.99 - 24 oz cottage cheese on clearance
$0.99/lb - tomato on the vine
$0.89 - dozen eggs on clearance
$0.59 - holiday cookies on clearance
$0.99 - bag of 3 apples on clearance (2 pounds each bag)  Something weird happened with these apples.  The checker initially rang them up at $.99/lb because the bags said "$.99".  I explained that they were $.99 per bag and I could see he didn't believe me.  I told him I had purchased these produce bags a lot recently and they had always been $.99 before.  He left the line to 'go check'.  It was a little embarrassing and people left the line.  He came back and asked me to come with him to show him where I'd picked them up.  So I led him to the little clearance rack with the sign stating each bag was $.99.  That satisfied him so we went back to the line.  He adjusted the prices, I paid and went home.  But he made a mistake!  He removed only 2 of the 3 original charges and rang up the 3 reduced charges.  Instead of paying $2.97 total for about 6.5 pounds of apples.  I paid the $2.97 PLUS $2.14 for old, bruised apples.  Grrrr.  It's only $2.14 but I just don't want to pay $.79/lb for applesauce apples.  Pooh.  Shame on me for not checking the receipt before I left.

There were so many great markdowns I stopped by another nearby QFC while I had a sitter on Wednesday.  I spent $6.33 there.

$1.99 - Organic baby romaine
$1.99 - Huge bag of romaine
$0.99 each - bags of 6 clearance oranges
$0.37 - starburst jelly beans (not pictured)

I swung back through my normal QFC because I had a few more minutes before the sitter had to be returned home and found $8.95 worth of deals.
$2.99 each for deli pizza.  I was so glad to get these because it was a terribly long day with cooking and processing 40 pounds of chicken.  It was lovely to just pop pizza in the oven for dinner.
$0.99 each for nitrate-free hot dogs.

I went out Friday night for an event that I was too late to enjoy, unfortunately.   But I made the most of it and stopped in at Fred Meyer.  I didn't have any coupons with me and spent $9.85.
$.64/lb - bananas
$.88/lb - pears
$.69/lb - celery
$.48/lb - cantaloupe
$1.19 - whipping cream
$1.49 - angel food cake on clearance

I was at QFC - again - on Saturday morning to pick up creamer.  I spent $6.95 on groceries.
$.99 onions
$1.99 each for cream ($1.00/2 MCs) = $1.49 each

Then back to Fred Meyer with my coupons spending $33.74.
$1.00 chips
$1.79 each pie crusts
$1.89 each organic yogurt - plain
$1.00 each sour cream
$1.00 each cottage cheese
$.79 each 5# potatos
$1.39 salad on clearance ($.40 store coupon) = $.99
$5.49 2# cheese
$.99 whole wheat bagels on clearance
$2.00 2# bag of lemons
$1.00 each - 2# bags of apples on clearance
$3.50 string cheese - 12 pack

And finally, tonight, a quick stop at Safeway spending $11.25.  And I screwed up - again!
DD#2 arranged and took this photo.
$1.49 each cereal
$1.00 each mangos
$3.29 creamer that was supposed to be 50% off, but I wasn't watching closely again!  Boo!

Next week I think less shopping!  And much more careful receipt checking!

Our milk delivery was $13.36.  We splurged on some yummy coconut raspberry muffins.

Total for the week including milk - $108.52
Total for 2013 thus far - $1,225.64
average per week - $81.71



  1. I never see these clearance areas at my stores. Are they hidden somewhere? We go through 4 gallons of milk each week,so I would love to find clearance organic milk! I wonder if I should ask the staff where the clearance section is.

  2. Kracinda, The clearance areas vary from store to store. I posted long ago about them, here's a link to that:

    The clearance milk is with the regular milk 99% of the time. They have to keep it cold so it stays in the coolers. You just have to look for the clearance tags.

    I find the clearance organic milk most often at Fred Meyer and QFC.



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