Friday, April 19, 2013

Clean Carpets!

I am still so tickled with my clean carpets!  We have lived here for almost six years and have just had the carpets professionally cleaned for the first time.  

It wasn't terribly expensive but our budget has been so tight for so many years we just couldn't justify the expense before now. 

I was amazed at how clean my house looked with everything off the carpet!  It was almost a shame to put everything back in place.

I took these photos because of how amused I was by the piles upon stacks of stuff.  I really wanted to get my money's worth so we emptied closets, moved shelves, and even stacked a dresser!

The office (with seedlings and grow lights)

The hall and the also cleaned area rugs - Hooray!

Master bedroom

Living Room

Kid Bedroom

Kid Bedroom
Kitchen/Family Room

I really am pleased with the results and have not been too freaked out about the kids messing it up.  Then again none have spilled anything on it yet.  =) 


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