Saturday, April 6, 2013

So Much Food Stuff to do!

I'm feeling a little stressed out this afternoon.  I'm just grasping how many food jobs I have coming up and feeling slight panic!
  • I'd like to defrost my freezer.  It has recently gotten very frosty (see photo below) and I need to dig out the top two shelves very soon.  Ideally I'd like to defrost the sucker by May 1.
  • I have an entire ham in the freezer.  I'd like to cook it and grind all the meat so I can store it in nice, uniform-sized ziplocs instead of an awkwardly shaped ham.
  • I have three large roasts I'd also like to cook and store in Ziplocs.
  • There are a lot of beans so I'll be making some chili this week.
  • I am picking up a 40# box of chicken breast Wednesday that I also have to make room for.  My plan is to cook and shred at least 1/3 since we use shredded chicken in a lot of casseroles.  Plus the shredded chicken will fit nicely in those uniform size Ziplocs.  I'm also planning to put some whole breasts directly into marinades.  
  • I have a labor intensive meal swap this month.  Chicken Pot Pie from scratch - I think I'll make the pie insides in advance and just fill the crusts a day or two beforehand.  I'm hoping to unplug the freezer after that swap.  We'll see.
  • I have to make smoothies A LOT to use up some of the many, many frozen peaches I have.
  • There is a fair amount of zucchini, but those don't take up much room.  More challenging is the zucchini 'sauce' I made last year to substitute for vegetable oil.  There is a lot of it left.  Really, a lot.  I might use some of it with some intensive baking.
  • I have a big bulk pantry order arriving the first week of May.  I am very aware of my already bulging bins!  Either I use some up some dry goods or I buy more buckets.  Maybe it's easier to just buy more buckets . . . 
I'm sure there will be a big post next week of crazy cooking on Wednesday or Thursday.


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