Thursday, April 18, 2013

Selling Stock Without Stress

We were surprised and pleased to get a big check in the mail a few days ago! 

DH periodically receives stock awards as part of his compensation.  We received advice years ago not to try and "play" the market.  Pick the price you want to sell at and when the stock reaches that price, go ahead and sell.  It was good advice and it has served us well a few times over the years.  We have never felt like we "missed out" on a higher price because we sold at the price we had been waiting for. 

However, neither of us is very stock market savvy, nor do either of us have time to regularly check stock prices.  There have been times when we have missed selling at our chosen price because we didn't even know the stock had risen to that level between our very infrequent price-checks.

Back in January, after missing our chosen price a couple of times, DH had the great idea to find out if there was an automatic sell order we could set up.  And sure enough, there was!  We happily set up a sale order for our chosen price and promptly forgot about it.  Oblivious to us, our stock performed well last week and reached our chosen price.  Our shares sold and a check arrived in the mail along with a separate letter stating our stock had sold and to look for a check.

Hooray!  Our emergency fund is getting a big boost from this sale!


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