Thursday, April 4, 2013

Freezer Focus

I like to defrost my freezer each year to get rid of the ice buildup, to be certain no food is getting too old in there, and to save energy.

My record is 4 months unplugged, and last summer I  managed almost 3 months.  I will be lucky to get 2 months unplugged this year considering the quantity of meat and fruit in my freezer today.

The inside freezer is pretty full already.

The outside freezer is also pretty packed with 8 gallon bags of sliced peaches, 2 gallon bags of blueberries, 2 gallon bags of bananas,  a whole ham, 3 huge pot roasts and a bunch of smaller miscellaneous items.
 If I seriously intend to defrost this freezer anytime soon I've got to ramp up the smoothies and cook down a lot of the meat (into pulled pork and ground ham) very soon.  I definitely need to defrost soon because that top shelf is getting frosted over so I'll be getting busy on that in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.


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