Thursday, April 11, 2013

Landscaping Project

We are working on a big landscaping project in our backyard.  It has flowed a bit into our front yard, too, and now we've added fixing our runoff drainage problem to the list of tasks.  I'm definitely not looking forward to digging ditches and figuring out how to tie perforated pipe into our house gutter system.  But the good news is that I'm totally comfortable and fine with major digging to move dirt around the backyard.  I am thankful that I have a young, strong body.  I am thankful that we finally could afford to buy the landscaping bricks/stones and that we could pay to have them delivered.  I'm especially thankful God provided beautiful weather when my brother was here getting us started on the work and working hard himself!  I am thankful for a brother willing to travel and help us.  I am thankful that we can do this project ourselves, that our kids can see us working and using our bodies, that our kids can particpate (!), and that we'll get to enjoy the fruit of our labor for years.

Here are some pictures of the back yard project:

9 pallets of 120 stones each = 1,080 stones!

Wall 3 bricks tall and dirt packed against it.

Wall six bricks tall with lots of concrete chunks for fill.
Kids helping fill crates with rocks for fill.
There is much to do - I'll keep you posted!


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