Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy Week in the Kitchen

I did spend major time in the kitchen this week and  I thought I'd share because that's about all I did this week.  And we had a very productive homeschool week.  Maybe because I spent so much time in the kitchen?


We had about 1/3 a pound of bacon for breakfast.  I sliced up the rest of the package and cooked it off for potato soup.

I also cut up the sausage I'd gotten on clearance over the weekend and cooked it off for pizza topping.


I made potato soup hoping to use what remained in this jug of milk in the freezer.  No luck!  I'll have to make sausage gravy next week, I guess.

We also got the ham out  and forgot to close the freezer door.

I cooked the ham.

And I had a minor freezer catastrophe.

I ground the leftover ham.

I included some ham I found some in the freezer, too.

In total there were 11 pounds of ground ham (8 pictured)

I also processed 40 pounds of chicken.  Ugh.  Some cooked and shredded, some cubed and cooked, some left raw.  The cooking also produced 4 cups of broth.  I was super tired, but really proud of myself for finishing it all in one day.

I finally pulled the 8 pound pork roast that had been simmering since Tuesday night.

Chili for dinner!  All of these ingredients came from the freezer - Wahoo!

And later I remembered these tomatoes were also in the freezer so I added them to the chili pot. 

Finally, I just put this second 8 pound pork roast in the crock pot.  It should be ready by tomorrow night for company.
Off to bed!


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