Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monthly Update & April Goals

Here we are again well into the month before my update.  This time it was kind of on purpose because I wanted to more time to finish my March goals.  See?  These posts are totally confession time!

I did well on the goals for March.

1) I  re-evaluated the amount we'd need for our emergency fund factoring in the refinances.  DH agreed to lower the total about 10% to allow for the decreased mortgage payments.

2) I set an aggressive goal to save 9% of our goal this month.  I managed 8.1%, but it brought us up to 36.4% of the new goal.  I'm hoping our tax refund, whenever it arrives, gives us a big boost, too.

3) A third goal was to post 10 times on Project TwentySix.  I just managed 7. 

4) I got the girls' rooms rearranged and am happy to report that DD#2 is sleeping significantly more!

Here are new goals for April:

1) My new savings goal is 25%!  I know, huge right?  But with the tax refund, the change in our emergency fund goal, and our debt snowball I think it's doable.  It will be so amazing to be over 50%.

2) I have to keep plugging away on Project Twenty Six.  I just want to be done!  But I also want to keep my commitment to finish.  This time I'll make my goal 15 posts.  That means I should be taking a picture every other day.  Eep!

3) I still have 2 boxes in the office that haven't been sorted through.  Probably everything in them could be thrown away at this point but I still have to look through it all. 

My Christmas stuff finally made it up to the high shelves in the garage!  My brother was visiting and he got it all tucked away for me.  I think he was frustrated because it was all stacked in front of the tools so he was happy to get it out of his way.


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