Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping

It was an unusual shopping week because I was out of town this weekend, but I had a couple of pop-ins early in the week.

I found a couple clearance items at QFC when I dashed in for yogurt.

$2 - Yogurt
$.99 each - quart size egg substitute
$.99 - produce clearance bag.  There was a great variety in the produce clearance that day with bell peppers, apples, oranges, even an eggplant. But I had already purchased the peppers for the freezer meal swap (doh!) and had bought enough fruit the previous weekend that I didn't need to buy more.  I love that my QFC does the produce markdown bags!  I spent $4.97 this trip.

I made trip to Fred Meyer because I needed ground turkey for my freezer meal swap and I know its regular price is OK there.  I also picked up Coffeemate because it was such a good deal.  I spent $34.61.
$8.37 - 3# ground beef for meal swap
$8.79 each - 2 qty. 3# ground turkey for meal swap
$.79 - cucumber
$1.79 - leafy lettuce
$.39 - M&M candy on clearance
$.39 - Starburst candy on clearance
Coffeemate Deal $2.00 with store coupon.  I had 2 MCs for $1.50/2 and $1.10/2 so I got these 4 quart-sized creamers for $1.45, $1.45, $1.25 and $1.25.  Awesome prices! 

The price for Coffeemate was so good, in fact, that I went back for more.  I spent $9.88 this trip.
$1.45 each for Coffeemate
$2.99 1# strawberries
$.64/lb bananas
$.89 clearance salad
This week's shopping adds up to $49.46.  I also bought Girl Scout Cookies from our neighbor for $8.00 and our milk was $11.16. 

Total grocery cost this week: $68.62
Total grocery cost this year: $607.08 for 10 weeks. 

That's an average of $60.71 per week and I'm kind of disappointed because much of these weeks were supposed to be my pantry challenge.  A small consolation is that $40 was for Girl Scout cookies and certainly the cost of food in Hawaii contributed.  I AM glad to be recording truthful figures, so thanks, Kracinda, for this suggestion.  I aim to keep it up!

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