Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Grocery Shopping

We came home from Hawaii early in the week and I avoided the store until this weekend.

While still in Hawaii I spent $4.98 on a last gallon of milk.  I also bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies totaling $20 and pepperoni at Dollar Tree for $4.  Our milk delivery came the day before we got home.  It costs $11.16.

So before we even got home I had spent $40.14 this week.  Ouch!  I really tried hard to keep my grocery store spending under $30 and managed to get awfully close!

I spent $28.57 at Top Foods.  I needed cheese, bell peppers, and dill weed for the freezer meal swap. 

$5.99 - Haggen Cheese
$5.99 - Bandon Cheese
$.99/lb - Organic Apples
$.50 each - Neufchatel Cheese
$.69/lb - Bananas
$4.49 - Dill Weed
$.79 each - Bell Pepper
$.89/lb - Roma Tomato

I bought two dozen eggs for $2 each from my friend to day at church.

Then I spent $1.26 at QFC tonight on a last minute shopping trip for celery & green onion.  Of course I got caught by a Girl Scout on the way out and bought a 6th $4 box of cookies.   Thank goodness I'm on a retreat next weekend and won't susceptible to grocery store Girl Scouts.

Spending this week: $77.97
Spending 2013: $538.46


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