Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monthly Update - Goals for March

I am always amazed at how quickly the months pass and that it's time to check in with you readers regarding my goals.  Seriously, some months it feels like confession!

I traveled a ton in February so my goals weren't very aggressive.

1. My goal was to save 2% in February after our emergency fund took a big hit on a car repair.  I am SO excited to report that we saved 3.8% and are at 25.2% of our savings goal.  Yahoo!

2. My second goal was to post 10 days worth of Project TwentySix.  Right.  I am just not motivated on this one.  I posted 3 times . . . I think.

3. I almost accomplished the goal of getting Christmas stuff stored away.  It has migrated to the garage but it's not put away.  It hasn't made it up to the high shelves where it resides 10ish months of the year.

New Goals for March:
1. I'm setting an aggressive savings goal of 9% for March.  DH just got promotion with a pay raise that kicks on in March 15th (Go Babe!).  He also is teaching one night a week and that will bring 2 paychecks in March.  Additionally we just readjusted out budget to make sure we're using our 'debt snowball' to fund the savings account.  We refinanced both properties in 2012 and our payments lowered significantly.  There is now a line item in the budget for the difference between the old and new mortgage payments and it's designated for savings.  The past several months those lower mortgage payments just got absorbed into the budget for various things but no more!  I think 9% is reasonable.

2. A second financial goal is to re-evaluate how much cash we need on hand for 3-6 months 'emergency fund.'  After the refinances I think our total savings goal could be a little lower.

3. I really need to finish Project TwentySix but I'm not too motivated when I have all sorts of more interesting things to post about on this blog.  And this is just a super busy time of year for me with taxes.  I'll make the goal 10 posts again but it should really be more just so I can kiss it goodbye sooner rather than later.

4. I have a big goal of rearranging my kids' rooms to give DD#2 her own room.  We're trying to help her improve her sleep and this is the next thing we're trying.


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