Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Plan

I am super busy this week with tax preparation so meals will have to be simple.  So thankful for Freezer Meals this week.

Monday - Quesadilla
Tuesday -Meat/Cheese/Crackers
Wednesday - PBJ
Thursday - Chicken Nuggets
Friday - Grilled Cheese
Saturday - Mac'n'Cheese
Sunday - PBJ

Monday - Chili (freezer)
Tuesday - Sausage Soup
Wednesday - Pork/Sausage Ragu (freezer)
Thursday - French Toast
Friday - Baked Pasta
Saturday - Asian Pork Stew (freezer)
Sunday - TBD - something for company

Oh my goals, my goals for the week . . . I didn't get those tax returns done.  I got one business tax return done and I'm working on another. The family member's return should be finished tomorrow and our own tax return is still sitting unfinished.  So my NEW goals for this week are:
  • to finish the friend's business tax return
  • to finish the family member's tax return
  • to finish my own tax return
  • to buy lumber for a basement project

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