Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No More Plastic Grocery Bags?!?!

Issaquah recently implemented a new law that charges consumers for each bag they take from the grocery store.  I don't live there, but from all the Facebook commenting it seems like some people were pretty inconvenienced or disappointed.

I have been using grocery totes for years, but there are certainly times when I forget and I am glad I don't have to pay for the grocery store bags.  I also have reused those plastic bags for many things over the years included trash can liners, smelly diaper sacks, and even rope.

A ziploc or small plastic sack would do most of the jobs a grocery bag does, but then you'd have to purchase bags.  Instead I suggest you put some other free, but often overlooked, plastic bags to work.

1. Plastic produce bags.
These work excellently as small trash can liners.  Here's my bathroom trash can.

2. Cereal bags are nice and thick.  These also line cracker and cookie boxes.  I use these a lot when sharing garden produce with friends and neighbors.

3. Newspaper bags have long been my favorite smelly diaper bags.  They are long and skinny and mash down nicely in the diaper bag.  We only get a few each week, but it keeps us well stocked for those time we use disposables. 

4. Roll/Bun bags are useful for packing lunches and are roomy enough for muddy shoes, wet clothes, or other larger items.
5. Bread bags are great for my own homemade bread.  I also use them for shampoo and other toiletries in a suitcase.

6. Tortilla bags are my very favorite because they usually have a resealable top.  The Costco tortillas are my favorite because they have clear plastic ziplocs inside the printed outer packaging.

So take a second look at those plastic bags you are throwing out and think of how you can put them to use! 



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