Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Menu Plan & Weekly Goal

I'm focusing on the pantry and freezer again.  I just realized I usually unplug the freezer in April and I it's already March!  I have no idea how I'll manage because I have about 80 pounds of peaches in the freezer.  Hm.  Note to self: Can more peaches next year, even though freezing is easier.

DD#1 is helping me with the menu plan this week  She and the other girls are totally into this Sesame Street cookbook and I told her we'd try and make some things from it.

Monday - Waffles
Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets
Wednesday - Elmo's Western Mac'n'Cheese
Thursday - PBJ
Friday -Tortellin with red sauce
Saturday- Pizza on english muffins (make ahead for DH to cook)
Sunday - PBJ at church

Monday - Grover's Chinese Meatballs with Sesame Rice
Tuesday - Egg Casserole
Wednesday - Emeril's Marvelous Meatball Soup
Thursday - Pork with pears and cranberries
Friday - Asian Beef Stew (freezer meal, Mom gone)
Saturday -TBD freezer meal (Mom gone)
Sunday - Popcorn and Fruit Smoothies

I also have some projects around the house I need to finish.  I am the queen of starting stuff and not quite finishing it (for example Christmas stuff all packed up but sitting in the living room for a month).  I thought if I put a project on here each Monday with the menu plan, maybe I'd be more motivated to actually do it and/or wrap it up.

This week I MUST finish our personal tax return and finish a family member's tax return.  Next week I am receiving information from two 'clients' for returns, one of which MUST be completed by March 15 to meet an IRS deadline so this week I have to wrap up what's already on my desk.


p.s. future projects may involve Christmas card spreadsheet, prescription refund, exercise equipment, painting a wall, moving girls' bedrooms, moving guest bedroom

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