Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Menu Plan

Last night we had pulled pork at church and I brought home a little bit of that, some accompanying black beans and a variety of salad bar toppings.  I'm working those into the meal plan and also continued pantry/freezer items.

Thursday - Cucumber/Chicken salad
Friday - bagels
Saturday - out
Sunday - finger food
Monday - quesadillas
Tuesday - at aunt's house
Wednesday - at aunt's house

Thursday - pulled pork & beans
Friday - Taco Soup (uses black beans, bell peppers, freezer chicken, freezer tomatoes)
Saturday - Enchiladas (uses a can of sauce in my pantry)
Sunday - Pizza & Smoothies
Monday - ham/bean soup (uses celery & carrots, freezer ham bone, pantry beans)
Tuesday - at aunt's house
Wednesday - at aunt's house

Incidentally, the Big Bird's Spaghetti Pie we tried last week was tasty, but since 3 of 4 kids didn't go for it we probably won't make it again.

Also, we've been digging to some canned pineapple in the pantry.  DD#1 is picky about fruit and she has only been eating home-canned pears (of our limited fruit selection).  When I realized there were several cans of pineapple buried in the back of the pantry she was ecstatic and dug right in.  I'm glad because I love the canned pears and they have been disappearing way too fast!


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