Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 7 - $34.07

I'm wanted to keep the grocery spending under $20 other than milk delivery and I got close!
 My first stop was QFC on Monday and I spent $5.00.  We needed cottage cheese so we could make the spaghetti pie DD1 picked out.  I grabbed a creamer as well because DH was running low. 
Today I went to Fred Meyer for some produce and salad dressing.  I spent $16.20 after my $6.93 rewards rebate.   I was totally lured by the pita bread on clearance for $1.09 then bought hummus for $3.49  to go with it!  I can't believe I did that - my excuse is that I was hungry. 
Our normal milk delivery was $12.86.
Grocery stores and milk this week totaled: $34.07
Total for 2014 so far: $262.96
Average per week in 2014: $37.57

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