Friday, February 14, 2014

Cleaning Up the Canning Pantry

The girls have been struggling a bit lately at breakfast time trying to get to full jars in the canning pantry.  The shelves are full of empty jars that come out of the dishwasher and the full jars have been buried in the back and bottom. 

So this week we had the annual shifting of jars and the littlest girls were my big helpers.

 First we pulled out most of the jars.

Then we started putting the empty jars back in, but on the bottom of the stack.

The girls had nice teamwork with one sitting in the pantry door and the other passing her jars.

Eventually we got everything back in.  Here's the top shelves with full jars pulled forward.

The bottom shelves with full jars on top and empties stowed below.


I wondered just how much of our canned goods we've gone through so I consulted my records for this last summer/fall and found this:

Peaches: Canned 33 quarts, 20 remaining
Pears: Canned 35 quarts, 11 remaining
Applesauce: Canned 87 quarts, 36 remaining

We're really zipping through the pears and applesauce. Note to Self: More pears next year.



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