Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Little Job

I've mentioned my new little job a couple of times so I thought it was about time I explained.

I have had a very part-time job for 8 years with my church in the children's ministry department.  This mostly consisted of childcare for Bible studies, membership classes, and other events.  About 3 years ago I started working in the church kitchen doing whatever needed doing.  At the time it was a huge blessing because we were experiencing significant financial trouble and a small paycheck here and there helped tremendously. 

Fast forward to current times and I'm really comfortable now in the kitchen.  I know the routine, where almost everything is, and how to turn on/off all the machinery.  Long story short, I was asked to consider coming in regularly on Wednesdays to help prepare for our Wednesday night Family Dinners last November.  It wouldn't be all day, just about 2:30 through dinner and clean-up.  After praying about it, DH and I decided to give it a try and see how it worked out.  So far, so good.  It's been a blessing on many levels:
  • My older girls have had the opportunity to serve by doing age-appropriate tasks when they come along
  • I am getting to know some of the other "kitchen ladies" better and am so enjoying time with them
  • On my third regular Wednesday my boss ended up having emergency surgery and the other gals and I managed to get the dinner served - Hooray!  I was so glad to have been available and actually helpful
  • DH is going to Wednesday night church to bring & pick up our kiddos
  • I do get a little paycheck
  • I get to bring home some leftovers
  • Our family gets a yummy dinner on Wednesdays
  • DH and I often eat after 3 or 4 kids are in their classes so we are able to have an actual conversation, even if it's short.  =)
This week an official "Kitchen Assistant" was hired so I may end up working much less.  We will see what happens and I will be thankful for even this month of fun if I don't continue regular Wednesdays.  I do really miss my job in the children's department, too.  So we'll just wait and see what God does here.


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