Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 4 - $87.35

This week I totally cheated on the pantry challenge.  Sometimes, when the deal is just ridiculous, I can't let it pass by.  I'd feel like I was being a poor financial steward just to play my game. 

Costco was at the top of our list this week.  We spent $40.35 on organic chips, 5# shredded cheddar/jack cheese, lettuce, 5# mozzarella, and 5 dozen eggs.  My friend and I had been missing each other at church so I went ahead and bought a big package since I signed up for 3 dozen deviled eggs at an event next week.

This was the big splurge (or cheat on the pantry challenge): I found corn flakes for just $0.59/box; at Fred Meyer.  There was a whole cartful and I would have bought more if not for the pantry challenge.  I LURVE Cornflakes, but I only bought 10 boxes.  I also bought the cheese I went in to buy, a few apples, a couple cucumbers, and a 5 pound bag of onions that the checker couldn't get to scan.  She keyed in the 3 pound bag price and even though I told her the correct price she just said, "Oh, it's OK."  I spent $21.19 this trip.

After I bought the 5 dozen eggs at Costco, of course I saw my friend at church!  I bought 4 dozen eggs from her for $8.00.

And my other big splurge was at Target.  I had a wandering "alone time" late night visit with no real purpose other than seeing what was on clearance.  I hit the jackpot with these beef pot pies for just $0.26 each.  My husband loves this kind of junk food and the fact that it was beef instead of a white meat prompted me to buy the entire stock of 19 pies.  It was $4.94 altogether.
Milk was $12.87.

Total for Week 4 was $87.35
Total 2014 to date: $160.68
Weekly average: $40.17


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