Friday, February 7, 2014

February Buying Tips

I was reading an article earlier this week on Dave Ramsey's website discussing February topics.  I liked this bit with things to buy because they are reduced in price this month:

"Electronics. After the Consumer Electronics Show in January, stores start selling their older models of phones, DVD players, cameras and so on at a discount. It’s good chance to get a great deal.
Outdoor furniture. Everyone thinks about buying patio chairs, tables and outdoor items when the weather starts to warm up. To help you get into that mindset, many stores discount such items (and more) in February. Keep a lookout for them.
Bathroom fixtures. Going from outside to inside, home improvement stores can really give good prices on do-it-yourself stuff such as bath fixtures and vanities this month.
Perfumes. Once Valentine’s Day is passed, don’t be surprised if you find good deals on a lot of the perfumes that are out there."

And I loved that they tied Valentine's Day into a budgeting/marriage pep talk:

"During this month of love, take advantage of your time together to talk about money and your family budget. . . Talking about money could be one of the healthiest aspects of your marriage. It shouldn’t be foreign, and it shouldn’t be restricted to special occasions.
As Dave has said many times before, the number-one cause of divorce in North America today is money fights and money problems. Money is a big issue, but when you get down to it, it’s a stupid reason to break up a marriage. The issue really boils down to trust.
Trust and responsibility go hand and hand. By making a budget together every month, you open the doors of communication and transparency. So don’t look at it as a chore to do; look at is as an opportunity to strengthen your marriage."

Don't you just love that?  Budgeting is "An opportunity to strengthen your marriage." 

I have another great book, Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon, that talks about the best time to purchase things.  It recommends February for buying:
  • a winter coat
  • a motorcycle
  • a boat
  • a camera (particularly President's Day sales)
  • an air conditioner ( if you can find any in stores)
  • video games
  • grapefruit & oranges
  • cauliflower & rhubarb
  • a snowblower
  • a prom dress (shop early for best selection)
Happy February Shopping! 


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