Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 8 - $48.48

This week I went to Costco since I just couldn't live without flour much longer.  I also bought garlic salt and garlic powder because I also was tired of cooking without those.  I spent $17.47.

I went to Fred Meyer to get the coffeemate deal again and found some markdown ham I couldn't resist.  At $1.49/lb it was less than half the $3.49/lb price point I aim for on lunchmeat.  Somehow I can't locate my receipt but my bank account shows $18.14 and that's about right for this photo.

Here's the ham all sliced and bagged for the freezer with 10 slices each.

Our milk delivery was the usual $12.87 and I haven't seen my egg friend in weeks.  I think I have to buy some grocery store eggs next week.

Total groceries for week 8: $48.48
Total groceries so far in 2014: $311.44
Weekly average: $38.93


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