Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 5 - $33.68

This week was light shopping - I felt like I mostly stuck to the rules of the pantry challenge.

Monday we stopped at Fred Meyer because we needed Pull-ups and napkins.  While there I picked up a mango and a hand of bananas.  I also bought a box of graham crackers because my kids were starving and I had forgotten to give them a snack before  racing out the door to DD1's ballet class.  the 3 food items cost $4.70.

Our milk was delivered Tuesday.  It cost $12.87.

Today I went to Safeway for a few items.  2# cheese and gallon organic milk were $5 each.  I also picked up clearance turkey lunchmeat and a package of cream cheese.  I spent $13.49.

 I went to Target to checkout new clearance and picked up coffee cream (we were almost out) and sour cream (for dinner topping).  I spent $2.62 on these grocery items.
Overall this week I spent $33.68 on groceries.

Total for 2014 to date: $194.36
2014 Weekly Average: $38.87 
Last year my weekly average was $49.58 so I'm feeling pretty good.


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