Friday, May 21, 2010

You Can Garden, Too!

Our garden has been planted about 3 weeks now and it's doing great! My friend Ruth, who I gardened with last year, even came over and said it looked really good so I am feeling pretty encouraged by that.

Everything seems to be coming up with the exception of the cucumber plants that I purchased for $1.50 each. They didn't survive that week we were out of town so I went to the store and bought a couple more and I also picked up two zucchini plants. I had lots of tiny zucchini starts, but they didn't seem to be thriving ouside so I am supplementing with the two new plants.

The small, struggling zucchini:

Don't these new zucchini plants look so much better?

I will probably be kicking myself in August as I figure out what to do with ridiculous amounts of zucchini, but some pretty plants make me feel better today.

I am pleased that the peas and green beans are also flourishing! These ones started from seeds and are just growing like mad.

Green beans:


If you have a pot and a sunny spot I'd recommend just giving one of these a try. They are super low-maintenance and will delight your kiddos, too. It's not too late to start! I planted peas, beans, & lettuce early on purpose in hopes that I might be able to replant in July & get a double crop. You could wait a couple months to start and probably still get a small harvest in September.

Plants have been so inexpensive at $1.25 to $1.50 on sale this year that I am considering if starting from seeds is even worth it. Ruth tells me that she has never seen plants this inexpensive this early in the growing season though, so perhaps I'll just give seeds a try again next Feb/Mar and we'll see what plant prices are like come May.

I'll keep you posted on the garden as the summer progresses since I'm so excited about it and won't even be able to resist posting.


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