Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning Update - Playroom

OK - Some of you who commented or emailed to tell me I was crazy are totally right. I significantly overestimated my abilities to move through a spring cleaning plan on a schedule of one room per day. I am still committed to working through room by room, but am accepting 3 or 4 days per room is OK! I am pregnant with 3 littles already underfoot after all.

So far I've only finished the playroom. I ended up with a big box of toys to get rid of and the girls agreed they were all toys they could let go. A huge accomplishment all by itself!

Here are before and after pictures.

I washed the window inside, dusted and used furniture polish on the wooden claw couch feet and the wood trim. I vacuumed and moved all the furniture. I haven't washed the curtain yet, but I'll do that with the kitchen curtain on another day when I decide to make time to iron.

Next up the pantry!



  1. It looks like the couch is turned with the back against the kitchen step up. How's that working for you? Does Joanna want to crawl down the basement stairs? Nicklyn

  2. Yes, we turned the couch. Joanna doesn't seem to gravitate toward the stairs any more or less, but she does like to pull herself up and walk along the back of the couch.


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