Sunday, May 16, 2010

Resourceful way to label sippy cups

Have you seen these personalized bands for sippy cups? I have seen band labels like this before and think they are a clever idea. They are $13 for a 4-pack so not too expensive, but definitely an extra in our budget.
A few weeks back in the church nursery I saw a resourceful take on this idea (Cheryl's idea). I decided to try it out. It's certainly narrow and not as sturdy as the thick store-bought band, but it does the trick and my kiddo's little fingers didn't dislodge it. Pretty slick for a produce rubber band and a ballpoint pen.



  1. Hey...was it Abby's sippy cup that you got this from? I've been doing this for several weeks myself!

  2. It probably was, Cheryl. It was one of the Tuesday girl kiddos, but I couldn't remember which. Great Idea!


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