Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan

We've just arrived home from our trip and our refrigerator is pretty bare. However our inside freezer and pantry are still pretty full. I am going to focus on freezer meals this week for two reasons:
  1. My meal swap is coming up again soon and I'll need room in the freezer to put my own meals when I make them and to put the arriving meals after the swap.
  2. I am focusing on some financial projects this week and don't want to spend significant time in meal preparation or shopping.
Last night - breakfast for dinner
Monday - meatloaf & red potatoes/salad
Tuesday - garlic parmesan chicken/salad
Wednesday - beefy enchilada casserole/salad
Thursday - bbq beef sandwiches/fruit
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - chicken enchiladas/salad
Sunday - pork chops/rice/veggies

This makes my shopping list pretty lean. I'll need to buy lettuce, bananas, whatever veggies are on sale to top the salad, whatever fruit is on sale, and milk. I'll check the adds to see if there are any screaming deals I shouldn't pass up, too.


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