Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning Plan

Okay - time to stop procrasinating! I told you in a previous post how terrible I am about keeping up with the housework and that I had a plan to Spring Clean. I am finally going to do it. EEK!

Here's the plan, room by room. I tried to assign the room with many task to days we'll be home as opposed to 'lighter' days when we might be out for the morning. I am also listing the tasks in priority order.

For each room I will complete a list of tasks including washing the curtains and/or blinds, washing the window, dusting, using wood polish on wood furniture, vacuum moving all furniture, touch up paint, wipe down trim, outlet covers, and knobs, spot clean the carpet, and keep a trash can and garage sale box handy for whatever comes my way.

Day 1: Outside Windows

Day 2: Playroom (afternoon)

Day 3: Kitchen (home all day) Empty and wipe out upper cabinets, dust above cabinets, move fridge to vacuum behind & under it, Empty and wipe out pantry shelves. Think about what I'm putting back into the cupboards - do I need it and/or have I used it in the last 12 months?

Day 4: Dusting/Living Room (afternoon) Cobwebs in the whole house, including vaulted ceiling in living room, dust china cabinet & clean glass shelves, clean out table drawers, hall closet, and if time, update framed photos.

Day 5: Kitchen (home all day) Empty and wipe out lower cabinets, wipe down all cabinets (myself on upper, kids on lower), wipe down pantry doors, move microwave and scrub underneath it, and clean out track for sliding glass door (gross!). I have already cleaned the oven, defrosted the freezer, and run the dishwasher with vinegar.

Day 6: Eve & Naomi's room (afternoon)

Day 7: Joanna's room (afternoon)

Day 8: Master (most of the day at home) Clean off dresser and both nightstands, if time clean out dresser and nightstands. Vacuum under bed & in closets.

Day 9: Bathrooms (afternoon) Clean ceilings & light fixtures, empty & wipe out cabinets & trash cans, wash shower curtains.

Day 10: Laundry room (afternoon) Move dryer to vacuum around hose, ask DH to check hot air vent in crawl space, empty & wipe out cabinets, go through ironing basket

Day 11: Linen closet (afternoon) Empty & wipe shelves, organize

Day 12: Hall closet & kitchen (home all day) Empty and organize closet shelves, scrub kitchen chairs & barstools on the deck if the weather is nice (supposed to be rainy the first 2 kitchen days).

Day x: With DH whenever he can do it. Tidy garage, clear off dining set, seal deck, fertilize lawn, change furnance filters.

Phew! It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks. I'll do my best to keep you posted with honest photos and hopefully, my progress.



  1. I think you are some sort of a crazy person. I'm exhausted just reading your list. You know you're pregnant, right?
    I haven't even finished unpacking from our move yet...
    You are a ROCK STAR!

  2. I am a crazy person and have already scaled back my expectations. Yes, I'm pregnant, but that's why I need to do this stuff now. I know I won't be good for many "big" projects for about after the baby is born. That's why it's OK you haven't unpacked yet, too. Give yourself another 6 months before you start to feel guilty.


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