Saturday, May 22, 2010

Champion Foods - Organic Mac'n'Cheese

I was at Champion Foods in Issaquah yesterday to pick up diapers and I found some other good deals I thought I'd share.

The diapers, of course, are a great price. There aren't a ton left and you have to go into the extra "room" in the back corner of the store to find them. I have been buying packages of 24 in size 4 and 5 for only $2.50. They are generic and not awesome for overnight, but they do the job well enough for me.

They also have tons of organic boxed macaroni & cheese right now for $1.00 a box. This is a great price on it's own, but you can get a case of 12 Back to Nature white cheddar/shells for only $10 which works out to $.83ish per box which is really excellent.

Champion has a lot of chips & snacks right now, too. They range in price from $.25 for snack size to $1.00 for full-size organic blue tortilla chips. I picked up a few bags of chips since we're always out and the price was right. Now I'm looking forward to some easy nacho lunches for our kiddos in the next couple of weeks.

Another great find for summer are the Cool Fruits popsicles. They are like otter pops but all natural with 99% juice. 14 pops are only $1.00 and these keep in the pantry until you're ready to pop them in the freezer. They have boxes of grape/cherry or apple/strawberry. We have had these before and love them. Moms keep in mind these are only 23 calories per pop so they're a good snack for you, too. Heads up that the grape flavored ones are yellowish from green grapes and your kids might not expect that from grape.

Other Champion staples I usually check for include spices (many for $1.00), pasta, dried fruit, teas ($2.00/box) and cupcake liners ($.90).

One of Champion's consistent suppliers is PCC so they usually have a great selection of organic and gluten free items. They also package many bulk grains, spices, pasta, dried fruits, and nuts. It's worth the trip to check them out.


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