Monday, May 18, 2015

Gluten Free Menu Plan

Now that my outside freezer is empty my inside freezer is jammed.  I'd like to create a little space in the inside freezer so I have capacity to buy in bulk if I run into a screamin' deal.  That said, I'm not well-stocked on meats as I've been trying to use what's in the freezer.  So I'm feeling a little limited, but that's OK. =)

I'm also trying to use what's on hand and keep my grocery budget low this week because I have some other things to pay for with my $200/week.  Bummer that this means DD#2 is getting alternate meals a lot, but that's how it goes this week.

Monday - Italian Sausage soup (have celery, carrots, onion, sausage, tomatoes, beans, squash)
Tuesday - Pizza (have dough ingredients, pasta sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella)
Wednesday - Ham/Bean soup (have celery, carrots, onion, beans, ham, ham stock on hand)
Thursday - Macaronada (have GF noodles, feta cheese)
Friday - Chicken curry/rice (have dark chicken, rice, tomatoes)
Saturday - Beef Stew (have carrots, potatoes, onions, beef, corn)
Sunday - BBQ Cowboy sandwiches (have shredded turkey, bbq sauce, GF buns)

Monday - pancakes (GF flour) & sausage
Tuesday - mac'n'cheese (DD#2 has hot dog in GF bun)
Wednesday - tortellini (DD#2 has leftover pizza)
Thursday - packed lunch - sandwiches (DD#2 has GF bread)
Friday - taco salad
Saturday - Skillet (eggs/sausage/potato/bell pepper)
Sunday - leftovers

Chopped veggies & hummus (need to use a bell pepper, cucumbers)
Fruit Leather (really want to try this!)
Olive Crostini (have ingredients and so yummy - why not make it?)

To Buy:
Regular hamburger buns?
Produce (veggies for snacks/salads, fruit for snacks/breakfast)
Jack cheese if on sale
Corn tortillas if needed for $10/$50 coupon
Sour cream


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