Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 22 - $90.26

I had a great trip to Country Market this week.   I needed to spend $50 to use the $10.00 off coupon and I spent $50.97!  So that works out to 20% off everything.  Yay!  After the coupon I spent $33.50 on all this food!

I stopped in at The Dollar Tree for birthday balloons for a kiddo.  While there I bought 7 packs of pepperoni for $7.00 (no photo).

We went to Fred Meyer hoping to find a clearance birthday cake and we did!  Yay!  Just $3.99 and I didn't have to bake one in the heat.  So everything was on sale except the organic milk and I spent $43.89 on everything including the cake.

Our milk was  $13.47 this week (I'm only getting every other week right now to save money).

Total groceries for Week 22: $97.86
Groceries Year-to-Date 2015: $1,985.81
Weekly Average: $90.26

This is so much higher than previously - I'm sure it's because I'm providing a GF diet for one kid and we're eating much more organic food than in prior years.  And I guess food prices in general have gone up, but I still kinda am bummed to see the numbers going up.

2013 - Average at Week 22: $84.44
2014 - Average at Week 22: $69.23
2015 - Average at Week 22: $90.26


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