Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 20 - $124.62

I finally made it to Costco this week.  On Monday, I bought organic mac'n cheese, organic canned tomatoes, organic maple syrup, shredded mozzarella, feta, tortillas, and veggie straws (not pictured).  I spent $51.22.

I was back at Fred Meyer Tuesday for more Founder's Day deals.  I got the Cheerios for $0.79 each with coupons, the Mom's Best cereal for $1.00 each, cheese for $3.99, clearance sausage patties for $1.49 each, Rev wraps for $0.69 each (DH likes them), 3 oranges, and a pound of strawberries.  I spent $22.79 total.

I was back at Fred Meyer - again - Friday for more $1.00 cereal and $3.99 cheese.  I also bought ice cream and hot dog buns for company expected Sunday, Doritos for $2.00 each because I love them (even though I know they are total junk), and butter 3#/$5.00. I also bought organic coconut milk that didn't make it into the photo.  I spent $23.58.

Finally, I dashed into target Saturday morning for a couple things I wanted to take to a scrapbooking day with a girlfriend.  I bought a loaf of bread, 1# strawberries & a cucumber.  I spent $5.56.

Milk was $13.47
No eggs from my friend.

Week 20 total: $124.62
Year-to-date total: $1,738.85
Weekly Average 2015: $86.94


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